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Learn what it takes to become the type of brand that's celebrated by the local community. A brand that creates loyal followers, influences word-of-mouth and receives more referrals than the competition. 

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Learn How to Connect Around What Really Matters

The biggest fallacy most businesses face when trying to build a social brand is the idea that they own their brand. Sure, they can help direct it down a certain path, but it's in the mind of the consumer that a brand's true identity is given life. 

That's why it's important to learn how to connect around the things that matter to them the most, around what they are most passionate about. The ONLY way that happens is by being intentional with the way your brand connects with the masses. Want to learn how? Subscribe today and learn what it takes to do just that. 

Build Trust By Earning Trust

Bottom line: organizations with a high level of consumer trust are more successful. Trust, however, isn't something that is just given, it's earned. It's the basis of both consumer loyalty and word-of-mouth. That's why the building of trust must be the cornerstone of how you do business. I'll teach you about attunement, integrity, credibility, customer enhancement and engagement. All parts of my trust equation, are you ready to learn more?

In the Persuasive Concepts Newsletter & Podcast, I'll be talking a lot about how to build trust using the New Trust Equation for 2016. It's a way to systematically build trust, thus your bottom line. Want to learn more? Subscribe today. Free has never been so good. 


Nurturing Your Connections is Good Business


To become a social business, one with a powerful brand, you must learn to nurture your connections. Nurturing is an important part of creating powerful interpersonal relationships with your community, whether it's en mass or one-to-one. Nurturing is a major component of becoming a social business and one I'll be diving into deeply. 

Nurturing comes in many different flavors, both online and off. Both customers and non-customers. In the digital age, there are shortcuts to nurturing online that I'd love to share with you. Have you subscribed yet?

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