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Stop Just Letting Anybody Run Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Go 3GE!

Whether it’s social media, pay-per-click, email, SEO, a combination of each or even others, you shouldn’t leave it to just anybody, it’s way too important! Take social media as an example, it’s a force multiplier. What that means is that it makes other parts of digital marketing even more powerful. Just look at how social signals are impacting SEO! That’s why I recommend finding a company that can do it all for you, that way they can ensure your whole digital marketing portfolio multiplies the effect of each individual part. is dedicated to your knowledge. While most of what I share here will be social media related, I will be sharing other posts as well that will give you a clearer understanding of how social media and digital marketing as a whole, works. I feel that, even if you outsource your digital marketing efforts that you should at least have a level of understanding that allows you to better understand reporting metrics, how digital affects your bottom line and how to know if your campaigns are successful or not.

This is where comes in. I will write posts, record videos & podcasts, as well as put on webinars that will help you to know more so that you can sell more. I will do all this at the cost of… nothing! Why? Because I enjoy sharing my knowledge and of course I’d love for you to consider 3GEngagement as your digital marketing company of choice.

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