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Digital Fixed Ops

What Is Digital Fixed Ops?

Digital Fixed Ops is a term coined by Chris Hanson of 3GEngagement. It all began when Google released a statistic that said 40% of all automotive related searches are looking for service, parts and maintenance. Imagine that, people are looking for your service and parts department online but most dealerships only devote 5-15% of their website to service, why is that?

I recently asked the question in my post, Digital Fixed Ops, Making The Case, “why aren’t dealerships more focused on marketing their service and parts department online?

I asked that question because you will notice independent repair shops at the top of online searches. That’s a shame since more service managers are asking what they can do to get new business. Want to know what the most prevalent answers were?

  • A dealerships website is ran by sales and since they don’t get paid on service traffic they don’t care.
  • This is the way it’s always been done, website traffic is for the sales department.

Really? This is 2012 (almost 2013) isn’t it? We all know the importance of being present online, why not service? All the excuses in the world won’t make me understand why it isn’t a focus. We all know that service is the bread and butter of the dealership and should have an online presence.

Digital Fixed Ops is a Must!

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Service & Parts Marketing

That’s right, 3.5 million! That’s a lot of people, all over the country, looking for you online? So, what are they looking for exactly?

According to Google:

  • 58% of searches are for routine maintenance,
  • While 35% is for light repair, and
  • 15% is to enhance vehicle performance.

Would you like a piece of that? These is also data, from JD Power, suggesting that people who schedule an appointment online are both happier with their service experience and spend more money per year than somebody who just walks in or makes an appointment over the phone.

So, what is your dealership doing in regards to digital fixed ops? Are you standing by and watching the independent shops take over or are you going to take what is rightfully yours?

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