1. Implementing A Massive ROE Process

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    Lately, I’ve been writing about the importance of building relationships and going above and beyond in your customer service with your clients. The first rule of creating word-of-mouth is to give people something to talk about. By giving your customers something positive to talk about they are more inclined to...
  2. The Golden Triangle Of Community Engagement

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    We hear it all the time. Social media is about engagement. Social media is about building trust, communication and letting people get to know the real you. That’s all fine and good but let’s face it, you’re an auto dealership and there isn’t that much about you that’s all that...
  3. Why Relationships Matter And ROI Doesn’t

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    We live in a society that puts the dollar above the customer. That is, corners are cut and customer service is subservient to getting “paid.” Don’t get me wrong, I like getting paid as much as the next person but too many times we question the return before we implement...
  4. Forget About ROI, Start Thinking About ROE

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    Word-of-mouth is gold and social media is the vessel we use to promote it, but how exactly is it accomplished? As businesses we are always looking for ways to lower the cost of acquiring new customers. It’s simple economics, the lower the acquisition cost the more sales (and money) we...