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Are you looking for the most up to date, hard hitting Automotive Social Media Tips and Tricks? Then this is the newsletter for you! Each month we will send you, at no cost, an email newsletter full of actionable information that relates specifically to the auto industry for both your sales and service departments.

Just for signing up you will receive the free report – Social Media and The Auto Dealer – a beginners guide to getting started in the wonderful world of relationship marketing.

**About The Free Report**

In this short, 15 page report on social media for the auto dealer, I have intentionally left out all the fluff. Instead, you will find tips and techniques that you can use TODAY to sell more cars TOMORROW.

Did you know that more than 20% of car recommendations by influencers are followed? Or that 67% of people that bought an automobile recommended it to a friend? That’s just part of the reason why your dealership should be plugged in to social media.

In This Report You Will Learn

  • 4 FREE tools you can use to track what people are saying about you online
  • The 3 Phases Of Dealerships Social Maturity
  • The impact of NOT using social media
  • How to implement a dealership wide social media policy
  • Why using Facebook the way most dealerships are using it is a complete waste of time.
  • How to use video for better search engine placement
  • Why every dealership should be using LinkedIn
  • And More!

What This Report Is Not

This is not an all inclusive report on social media for auto dealers. Instead it is a short, concise report that every dealer should read BEFORE jumping on the social media bandwagon. It’s important to the overall effectiveness of any social marketing campaign that you get started off on the right foot, pointing in the right direction. If there is anything that you should get out of this report its that you should be ENGAGING the people in your market, not trying to pitch them. A little strange, I know, but the fact of the matter is that with social media the less you pitch the more you sell.

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