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About Me

DavidJohnPicPNG1I entered into the car business in 2001, after a horrible buying experience, my wife and I had, at a few local car dealerships. Prior to applying for a sales position at my first, and only, car dealership I worked for a linen company where I ran all aspects of a linen delivery route, including sales. I was a consistent top performer and earning a good living but I decided it was time for a change. After speaking with my wife, we decided that I should enter the car business as a salesperson. Our reason was simple, the money was good and if our buying experience was any indication somebody that had a customer centric approach could easy clean up and make a good living in the car business.

I learned quickly that if you wanted to establish yourself as the go to guy that you must take care of your customers before, during and after the sale. I was lucky enough to receive perfect CSI scores for a full year, before taking over the internet department. Before taking the department over, it averages 2 sold units per month. I knew that in order to make a living I had to change things up.

My first month I sold 12 units, not a huge number, but it was a 600% increase and it gained the attention of my dealer principal. Working with him and doing some research, we decided that we would start a business development center. After talking with, and interviewing, a dozen or so BDC  consultants we hired a company by the name of Hyperdrive.

From there we hired 5 people and in 3 months time we had increased in store traffic by nearly 800%. During that time and in the following 2 years I familiarized myself with everything that relates to the BDC and Internet Sales Departments. I performed SEO, created micro-sites, wrote offline ads for local papers and did multiple service to sales campaigns. I created newsletters and email campaigns that generated repeats and referrals. My goal was always to evolve, never to stop growing and trying new things.

Soon, the time came where I felt I outgrew the dealership I was working at and pursued a career as a BDC trainer for the very same company I hired to train me years before, Hyperdrive. I always respected and admired the CEO, Eddie Coleman, and still do to this day. As the national trainer for Hyperdrive I had the distinct honor of working with some of the best performing BDC’s in the country. I learned as much as I taught and wherever I could I continued to refine my craft with SEO, website design, copy-writing and social media.

I’ve worked in many different industries, creating social media campaigns for the entertainment industry, peak performance trainers,  construction companies, churches, supplement companies, personal trainers, Realtors and automotive dealerships.  My passion has always been in the automotive industry, it’s where the bulk of my knowledge resides and through a very good friend of mine, Rob Hagen, I have shifted my focus, almost exclusively, back to the car business.

Currently I am working on a book titled Joining The Conversation: An Auto Dealers Guide To Generating Word Of Mouth Using Social Media. Besides the book, I’m also hosting social media seminars with a focus on the car business. For more information on upcoming seminars check out: Next Generation Dealer Services.

If you would like to hire me to put a social media strategy together for your dealership, shoot me an email HERE. To find out more about what I do, click HERE.

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